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AST Australia provided the Genmin Group with a BGAN EXPLORER whilst they explored the North East Region of Congo.

AST Australia has provided the Genmin Group with a satellite BGAN Explorer whilst they explored the North East Region of Congo

Even in the darkest, deepest and in the most remote part of the Congo jungle, the Genmin Group were not alone. With only a small portable satellite terminal, a BGAN EXPLORER, which utilises the Inmarsat satellite network, the Genmin Group were able to keep in contact with, and send sensitive data about their mission to their headquarters in Perth.

The Genmin Group travelled to the North East Region of Congo to explore old logging tracks to find an access and conduct geological mapping of the area. When asked why they chose to work with AST Australia they said “AST’s satellite terminals are strong, and globally reliable for our kind of activities.”

The Genmin Group geologically tracks minerals in different areas of Africa. That’s why it’s imperative for them to keep in constant contact with their headquarters, as they need live updates on their new targets on real time, which are based on the data collected from the field and to keep the logistics going between the fly camps to the main base. All of this was possible thanks to the small BGAN EXPLORER AST Australia provided them.

Richard Coston, Managing Director at AST Australia commented “I am pleased to know that we are supporting Australian exploration activities in the remotest of regions!  Like many customers Genmin rely on AST’s satellite communication solutions. Our 24/7 support is essential for mission critical applications as well as keeping in constant contact with colleagues, friends and family”.

At AST our main goal is to provide cutting edge technology to our customers, so they are always able to communicate with their headquarters at anytime and anywhere. AST’s Satellite terminals, like the BGAN EXPLORER 710, which is the only terminal able to support the full High Data Rate on demand streaming service from Inmarsat.

Wherever you are, whatever your remote connectivity requirements, AST has a solution. To discuss how we can take you further with one of the friendly team call +65 6291 6605 or email


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