VSAT connects any remote location no matter the terrain such as this Antarctic base using satellite communications services
AST provides leading companies across the globe with Ku VSAT network, failover L-band services, hardware, bandwidth, and round-the-clock personal assistance.

Servicing clients in a variety of industries, including commercial maritime, oil & gas, mining, and automated vessels, both on land and at sea.

AST’s next-generation Internet connectivity and the growth of new Ka-Band GEO and LEO Constellations with the ability to deliver over 10x the bandwidth of legacy VSAT, at lower latency, represents a major technological advance and significantly expands the addressable remote communications market.

We offer independent assistance to guarantee that customers have the best communication solution to match their company needs along with local engineers and knowledgeable sales employees. Additionally, we offer a staffed 24/7 Global Customer Support service to guarantee service continuity and trustworthy support from fully licenced individuals.

AST Global VSAT Benefits
  • Automatic beam switching (ABS) and a mix of wide and spot beams for greatest possible throughput across the network. Supports a full range of antenna sizes and uses AST’s INTEGRA (link to Comms and Bandwidth management new page) Network infrastructure.

  • Abundant capacity for growth, new mobility and operational innovations

  • A Committed Information Rate (CIR) that guarantees the contracted bandwidth

  • A Maximum Information Rate (MIR) that enables “burst” when available

  • Ku-band HTS and traditional wideband with added HTS and planned extreme high-throughput (XTS) capacity over high-density routes

  • Automatic satellite power adjustments ensuring reliable connectivity, even in harsh weather conditions

  • Transit globally without the need to change phone numbers or IP addresses

  • No usage restrictions

  • End-to-end private networks can be provisioned with VPN tunnels or via last mile connectivity from our INTEGRA PoP to your offices ensuring secure corporate connections.

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