How Eutelsat OneWeb LEO connectivity can help the Offshore sector

Eutelsat OneWeb and AST know that Offshore operations for oil & gas and wind farms work in some of the harshest and remote environments in potentially hazardous conditions. Consequently, these activities have critical and unique communication and connectivity requirements for safety and efficiency.

Eutelsat OneWeb and AST connectivity delivers industrial grade connections at high-speed and low-latency. Reliable, high-speed and low-latency connectivity enables energy companies to improve remote surveillance of vital processes, equipment, and facilities via video streams or IoT. Operating organisations can be safer and more efficient with more information available for decision-making.

Implementing new use cases

OneWeb’s high-performance connectivity allows the implementation of new use cases relying on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) to revolutionize traditional offshore working practices and enhance process and worker safety.

Making the field network more robust

OneWeb’s connectivity can work with other transmission systems such as fibre and satellite when integrated together using technologies such as SD-WAN to create maximize availability, prioritise the most critical traffic and securely segregate traffic based on use cases.

Making offshore platforms and fields safer

OneWeb satellite connectivity and AST software services assists worker and process safety by readily making critical data available to engineers and tools to identify and mitigate adverse conditions prior to them impacting safety. Engineers have access to the data from their onshore facilities which minimizes the need for offshore travel to research potential issues.

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