How Eutelsat OneWeb LEO connectivity can help the Mining sector

Digital transformation has become an important in the highly specialised energy and utility industries. With new technologies offering greater insight into production, processing, and distribution. It helps manage market volatility while improving the management of existing resources.

Eutelsat OneWeb and AST's LEO (Low earth orbit) satellite connectivity can dramatically improve the increasingly digital need to optimise costs and improve operational performance from remote locations. IoT-based asset management, remote diagnostics, optimal equipment utilisation, and compliance with environmental and other requirements will be supported by LEO connectivity.

Mining operations are becoming increasingly digital, producing vast amounts of data daily. OneWeb services offer low latencies of less than 70 milliseconds and downloads of 150 Mbps, enabling cloud-based software to centralise enterprise resource planning (ERP) across all sites. This will improve operations across the mine, including procurement, health and safety, resourcing, and accounting.

LEO connectivity can also be integrated into SD-WAN networks to provide a complete network solution for both remote sites and headquarters locations.

Meeting mining operation demands

With over 30 years of experience in the mining sector, AST Networks are experts in providing all requirements to enable the efficient running of mining sites from initial exploration, construction to production and ongoing maintenance of all communications solutions.

Employee welfare

Low cost and high-speed connectivity deliver real value without compromising staff welfare and safety. Having staff reliable connected makes a positive impact on morale, skill level, and safety of workers and can even make it easier to recruit new, talented people to work in remote locations.

Driving greater operational efficiency

Fast data communication paves the way for a greater range of applications that save costs and reduce risks, such as autonomous operations, asset management, drone monitoring, and real-time data analytics. New data flows and specialist cloud-based applications, such as for groundwater, tailing dams, or geophysical research.

In addition, to ongoing maintenance, safety, location, and use monitoring of fixed and mobile equipment.

Bespoke data management

In addition to giving owners and passengers access to their own entertainment and content, AST Networks can help them calculate the impact of their data use to make sure they have the right connection to suit their needs. By offering in-depth visibility and control of the networks and data used by the vessel, our INTEGRA services put the control in the owner/captain’s hand via the easy-to-use My AST Portal.

Community support

Mining companies can support the local population and help bridge the digital divide in underserved regions by introducing the internet to remote locations.

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