How Eutelsat OneWeb LEO Connectivity can help the Merchant Shipping sector

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For the digitising maritime sector, merchant shipping companies are depending more than ever on high-speed coverage satellite communications to track, optimise performance, and connect their high-value assets.

Eutelsat OneWeb’s reliable high-speed satellite global connectivity supported by AST’s wide product and services, enables those working in merchant shipping to stay connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, our global service is the first with exceptional Arctic capacity, as a result, sensitive routes can be monitored.

Vessel Operations

Our diverse network solutions were established for a digitising shipping industry.

By working in partnership with Eutelsat OneWeb, AST enable fleet owners to use technology to transform their operations, improve performance, reduce costs through vessel optimisation, monitor environmental parameters to decarbonize and meet sustainability goals, and provide equal bandwidths across all channels to ensure crew productivity and wellbeing.

Enabling the office at sea

Connecting colleagues from the ship to offices onshore, increases new levels of collaboration, accurate data analysis, operational efficiencies, better informed decision-making, and give crew a more satisfying workplace experience onboard.

Delivering next-gen connected supply chain

With many ships carrying perishable or time-sensitive goods like food or medicines, the ability to monitor goods’ condition or track their whereabouts using connected sensors, can be invaluable. OneWeb's LEO satellites and AST can provide ship owners and operators greater control and visibility to help streamline logistics end-to-end.

Working in the cloud onboard

OneWeb and AST offer high speed and low latency, meaning applications designed for use on land can be enabled, such as cloud apps. The low latency means that those onboard can get instant answers via reliable video calls (MS Teams, Zoom) to colleagues, and real-time human interaction.

Crew Welfare

In today’s world, safeguarding crew welfare requires reliable, affordable, available connectivity as a human right. Eutelsat OneWeb and AST believe that this should apply to all crew onboard all ships at sea.

Keeping your crew connected

OneWeb and AST satellite connectivity allows crew members to contact friends and family just like they would be able to on land. It improves the quality of life for crew onboard, with a subsequent boost to morale and employee loyalty.

Normalcy at sea

Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO (Low-Earth-Orbit) satellite connectivity allows ship owners and operators to use connectivity to drive competitive advantage: not just in terms of enhancing business processes and operations, but also in terms of recruiting the best talent. Being connected also means you can carry out crew training while at sea, and ensure all staff have their skills up to date all the time. A connected crew is a happier, more productive crew


As new technologies are introduced, existing business models are evolving, and having access to real-time data is becoming increasingly vital.

AST Networks have developed the INTEGRA suite of products and services to improve connectivity and control over satellite networks. Thanks to our in-house development teams, AST Networks can provide custom satellite communications integration and API development to meet specific needs.

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