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How Eutelsat OneWeb can help the Energy sector

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Digital transformation has become an important in the highly specialised energy and utility industries. With new technologies offering greater insight into production, processing, and distribution. It helps manage market volatility while improving the management of existing resources.

Digital tools also help the industry minimize risk and optimize operations. Personnel working in the energy and utility industries frequently operate in locations with limited, if any, terrestrial connectivity options. These operations can benefit from the increased efficiency provided by solutions that are only possible due to fast and reliable connectivity.

Eutelsat OneWeb LEO (Low Earth Orbit) connectivity and AST's satellite communication solutions provides ultra-fast communications to meet the highest levels of network reliability. They also provide security in locations where fibre optic or microwave coverage is limited and in most scenarios, unavailable.

Boost energy connectivity

OneWeb connectivity is quick to deploy, easy to manage, and offers high bandwidth and low latency. It can integrate seamlessly with campus networks such as LTE or 5G, to ensure that workers all remain well connected. Any location either on land or the high seas will be able to connect to corporate applications and the cloud.

Digital efficiency

Connectivity from Eutelsat OneWeb can also enable advanced applications, including automation, big data analysis, predictive maintenance, and environmental monitoring. This can help minimize unplanned downtime and optimise production by ensuring equipment is always operating effectively. The low latency of OneWeb service also enables remote operation of equipment such as surveying drones. And digital technology such as geofencing and video analytics plays a key part in mitigating dangerous working conditions.

Bespoke energy data management

With the access to advanced applications and big data, brings the added challenge of how that is all managed across your connection. AST can help companies calculate the impact of their data use to make sure they have the right connection to suit their needs. By offering in-depth visibility and control of the networks and data used by their remote utilities, our INTEGRA services put the control in the company’s hand via the easy-to-use My AST Portal.

Retain skilled staff

The energy and utilities industry relies on highly-skilled employees, and AST and OneWeb can help provide a more attractive working environment. This includes internet connectivity to maintain contact with friends and family, and to provide telemedicine services. It can also improve working conditions through advanced training aids such as augmented reality and easy access to experts where needed.

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