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Traffic management solutions for satellite communications

Trying to manage your satellite communications traffic has become increasingly difficult, particularly in today’s bring-your-own-device world. It’s not always possible to detect which devices are connecting to the satellite network, which applications they’re running, how much data they’re consuming and how frequently they are being updated. Existing traffic management solutions for satellite communications struggle to handle these challenges.

AST's flagship INTEGRA suite of services offers a complete solution that delivers the first real-time application control for your satellite communications and the easiest on-board traffic management, both on-board and shoreside.

Integra network

Intelligent global IP network

The ground segment is fundamental to delivering secure, end-to-end reliable, high performance for satellite communications. AST has made considerable investment in our INTEGRA Network to provide the quality of service expected of a trusted, tier one global provider. 

AST’s INTEGRA Network is based on the latest technologies available:

  • Carrier-grade leased lines from satellite operators’ gateways to the internet
  • Global IPVPN, which operates at 99.999% availability
  • Optimised internet routing
  • Data centres built to the highest industry standards
  • POPs in New York, London and Sydney
  • Redundant links for resiliency

The INTEGRA Network can support connectivity to any satellite IP 
network and communications equipment. It currently supports 
connectivity to the satellite networks of Inmarsat, Iridium, 
Thuraya, Telenor and VSAT services.

INTEGRA Cybershield

The INTEGRA network has multiple layers of cybersecurity controls to maximise protection against threats. The first layer, an advanced firewall, controls traffic and blocks abnormal connections. The second layer is web filtering with anti-malware and anti-virus protection, and a default block on software updates. And the third layer is intrusion prevention. This provides near “zero-day” protection against known and emerging threats, which can generate additional unwanted traffic.

End-to-end reliability

The INTEGRA Network delivers carrier-class connectivity from your satellite provider’s gateway into New York, London and Sydney POPs and onwards to the internet. It operates at 99.999% availability, with POP diversity and redundant links for greater resiliency. We have partnered with best-in-class data centres and terrestrial network providers to provide a trusted, reliable end-to-end connection.

Optimised performance

AST’s INTEGRA Network uses optimal routing to select the best possible path across an increasingly complex internet – taking latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion into account – to deliver improved, consistent performance than via standard internet carriers. 

Integra See

Real-time visibility of IP traffic

INTEGRA See gives you precise, real-time visibility of your IP traffic at the application level, even when it’s encrypted. Identify the top 10 individual applications by usage and monitor the volume of traffic used for each of your AST IP services during the current month. 


INTEGRA See+ offers additional functionality including; 3 months historical data visibility and the ability to view usage at application level.

Integra Control

Real-time application control

INTEGRA Control allows you to take real-time control of the applications using your satellite connection. Set traffic volume limits by application category, prioritise bandwidth for business-critical applications, preserve bandwidth and ease congestion, and benefit from more consistent performance.

INTEGRA Control Lite

INTEGRA Control Lite is also available for customers who do not require all the feature rich capabilities of Control but need extended, real-time alerting and blocking capabilities at category level

See more

INTEGRA Control identifies individual applications being used over your satellite connection – even encrypted ones that bypass standard firewalls. 
It gives you precise, real-time visibility of your IP traffic. See traffic volumes by application category for each of your AST services. See the top 10 individual applications being used in real-time. See traffic for individual applications per category.

Control more

Take real-time control of the applications using your satellite connection. Set traffic volume limits by application category or block some completely, to prioritise bandwidth for business-critical applications or stop your usage allowance being eaten up by the wrong things. Allow your staff to access social media, but make sure it doesn’t get out of control. Block specific applications per category. Shape bandwidth by application category to preserve bandwidth or ease congestion and provide more consistent performance over time. As usage levels pass certain thresholds, select lower bandwidth levels for the download and upload.INTEGRA Control in the network

Save more

Manage your data far more efficiently with INTEGRA Control to make immediate savings. Make sure you don’t go over your monthly allowance with detailed, real-time reporting and alerts based on IP packets as traffic flows. Not the traditional practice of after a data session is finished. Save your bandwidth for the applications you really want it for and make best use of what’s available.

INTEGRA Control in the network

INTEGRA Control allows real-time application control for traffic initiated from the satellite terminal at the point it reaches our ground-based INTEGRA Network. It’s accessible via My AST Portal on a laptop, tablet or smartphone – either by staff in head office or those in remote locations using the satellite terminal. INTEGRA Control is available exclusively to AST airtime customers.

Integra Edge

INTEGRA Edge is a hardware-based solution that makes the task of monitoring and managing your traffic onboard simple. Instantly view all your connectivity options - satellite, cellular and WiFi - in one clear, intuitive dashboard and switch to the most cost-effective connection at any point in time. 

Manage your data onboard more easily with INTEGRA Edge and make immediate savings. Restrict which data is allowed on and off the vessel through an integrated firewall, web and content filtering. Manage the crew’s internet access efficiently and securely through a captive portal where you can block individual devices and users with one click. 

See More

Instantly view all your connectivity options – satellite, cellular and WiFi – in one clear, intuitive dashboard, with their current availability, signal strength and usage. 

Monitor your vessel traffic in real-time. 

See which users and devices are connected and how much traffic they each generate. 

See all your on-board networks in a simple graphical view.

Control More

Switch smoothly and quickly between available connectivity options from the INTEGRA Edge dashboard or the information panel on the hardware. 

Restrict which data is allowed on and off the vessel through an integrated firewall, web and content filtering. 

Safeguard your network on board with anti-virus controls. 

Manage the crew’s internet access efficiently and securely through a captive portal. Block individual devices and users with one click.

Save More

Manage your data on board more easily with INTEGRA Edge to make immediate savings.

Instantly switch to the most cost-efficient connectivity option at any point in time. Set up a standard failover sequence, with the ability to manually intervene if required.  

Block unwanted traffic to and from the vessel, and from individual devices onboard. 

INTEGRA Edge in the network

INTEGRA Edge enables traffic management on board a vessel, with plug-and-play installation via wizard-driven setup and auto-detection of connected devices. It can be managed on board via the INTEGRA Edge web interface or remotely via My AST Portal. INTEGRA Edge and My AST Portal are constantly synchronised over the INTEGRA Network using minimum bandwidth to provide an integrated solution.

INTEGRA Edge is packaged with INTEGRA Control, which allows real-time application control for traffic initiated from the satellite communications terminal, at the point that traffic reaches our ground-based INTEGRA Network. INTEGRA Control is accessible via My AST Portal. 

INTEGRA Control and Edge are available exclusively to AST airtime customers.


  • Least cost routing: switching between satellite, cellular and WiFi
    • Priority-based failover with automated or manual intervention
    • Configurable timed and duration-based failover
  • Dashboard with key traffic metrics
  • Fully managed firewall service
  • Firewall policy control with global or device-specific rules
  • Virtual LANs
  • Web surfing with compression and acceleration
  • Block access to websites using white and blacklisting (full wildcard support)
  • Advanced content filtering: white and blacklisting downloaded files
  • Anti-virus scanning on web downloads with detection notifications
  • Controlled authenticated access per network with captive portal
  • Real-time traffic reporting and analysis
  • Real-time and historical audit trails
  • Crew internet service and management
  • IoT gateway-ready/compatible
  • Vessel positioning using on-board NMEA feeds or integrated GPS receiver
  • Authentication and access control with hierarchical levels of access and auditing
  • Seamlessly integrated with the INTEGRA network and My AST Portal for remote management
  • Local backup and restore of data and configuration settings
  • OTA updates
  • System rebuild in the event of a failure
  • Hardware information panel




1U Rack Mount


Dual-core ARM v7-Cortex-A9




2 x 120GB SSD (RAID 1)


Integrated 2/3/4G
6 x LAN
NMEA 0813 (Serial) optional
NMEA 2000 optional


Integrated WiFi supporting 6 access-points


12V- 32V D.C

A next-generation ground network that delivers reliable, end-to-end connectivity with multi-layered cybersecurity controls and 
optimised performance.

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