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Inmarsat GX
satellite services

Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) is the first and only high-speed mobile broadband satellite network to seamlessly span the world.

As the world’s connectivity demands grow ever more complex, GX is evolving to offer even more satellite bandwidth capacity, capabilities and operational agility.

  • Mobile broadband for a data-hungry world

  • Ka-band with L-band integration

  • Guaranteed global bandwidth

  • Powerful and reliable connectivity

Mobile broadband for a data-hungry world

Since 2015, GX has been serving organisations and governments around the world, and today it is the gold standard for global, mobile satellite broadband connectivity. Multiple humanitarian agencies can access critical, real-time situational information for disaster relief, while broadcasters can follow a story as it unfolds, anywhere in the world. Governments can rely on secure, end-to-end wideband connectivity, interoperable with military satcom networks, for seamless airborne, naval and land operations worldwide.

Mobile broadband for a data-hungry world

Additional capacity to come

Advanced Ka-band payloads (GX6A & 6B)will also be hosted on our next generation Inmarsat-6 (I-6) L-band satellites, scheduled for launch in 2020 and 2021. The most powerful and flexible mobile communication satellites ever developed by Inmarsat, the I-6 fleet, together with advanced ground infrastructure technology, will support enhanced user devices and services for the coming 5G era.

Additional capacity to come

Connecting our customers to a better future

The next generation of Global Xpress satellites, GX7, 8 & 9, will mark a step-change in the combined capabilities and capacity of Inmarsat's global GX fleet. The first software-defined constellation for global mobile connectivity, each satellite will deliver twice the total capacity of the entire current GX network. 

Connecting our customers to a better future
  • UK based provider of global mobile satellite communications services
  • Voice and high-speed data communications airtime on land, at sea and in the air
  • Large range of hardware available, from portable satellite phones and remote site fixed installations, to vessels and vehicular mobile terminals
  • AST is a Value Added Reseller for Global Xpress and a Tier 1 provider of Inmarsat hardware

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Global Xpress: Ka-band

  • The world’s first global Ka-band mobile satellite system
  • Delivered through 3 Inmarsat-5 (I-5) satellites
  • Seamless satellite transition across the regions
  • Delivers high-speed broadband to compact user terminals at up to 50Mbps
  • Global Xpress also integrates seamlessly with Inmarsat's L-band network to deliver powerful and reliable connectivity

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