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AST has provided complete end-to-end satellite communications solutions, products and airtime into the renewable energy market for many years and has accumulated a wealth of experience within this growing sector as it continues to evolve and communication requirements become more complex.

AST delivers reliable, high-performance satellite communications solutions for global asset management, telematics, monitoring and control, lone worker safety and remote communications to increase efficiencies and operational management via GSM or satellite.

Wind Farms

We provide vessel engine and global asset management solutions to transfer operational parameters from vessels/assets anywhere in the world, to your office, in near real-time. offshore support vessels to engine and sensor monitoring telemetry via satellite communications.

With our iRAMS suite of services, we also provide non-intrusive telematics and SCADA solutions which utilise global satellite technology to address the challenges of remotely monitoring and managing assets such as offshore generators, reducing costs by saving on routine maintenance and engineering visits.

iRAMS Gensets uses non-intrusive telematics and SCADA solutions, which utilise global satellite technology to address the challenges of remote asset management such as offshore generators, reducing costs by saving on routine maintenance and engineering visits.

Solar Power

We provide many telematics and SCADA solutions for monitoring and control of solar-powered obstruction lighting skids on unmanned platforms with our iRAMS suite of services.

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