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Iridium Extreme PTT



Each device supports up to 15 talkgroups and talkgroups support an unlimited number of devices.

Why Iridium PTT?

  • Fast - LEO and built for speed
  • Truly mobile - small devices with lower power needs
  • Global - coverage anywhere
  • Affordable - both devices and service
  • Flexible - able to be reconfigured in seconds by the end customer

The Iridium Extreme PTT utilises the Iridium network.

In the box

  • Quick start guide
  • User manual
  • USB cable
  • International plug kit
  • AC travel charger
  • Data CD
  • Iridium PTT 9575 Extreme handset
  • Accessory adapter
  • Rechargeable high capacity Li-ion battery
  • Power USB adapter
  • Power USB antenna, portable auxiliary antenna
  • Leather holster
  • Headset
  • USB Mini


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Airtime options

Available to hire:


Postpaid options:


Product: Iridium Extreme PTT


Dimensions: 14cm x 6cm x 2.7cm
Weight: 0.247kg
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +55°C
IP Rating: IP65
External Antenna: no
Talk Time: 6.5 hours (phone mode), 5 hours (PTT mode)
Stand By Time: 54 hours (phone mode), 16.5 hours (PTT mode)
Battery Type: Lithium-ion (rechargeable)
Standard Data Rate: 2.4 kbps
SMS: yes
SOS: yes
Call features
Voice: yes
Integral Phonebook: yes
Caller ID: yes
Handsfree: yes
Product Interfaces
Mini USB

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Iridium 9575, PTT, 9555, 9505A: AC travel charger


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Iridium 9575, PTT: Rechargeable Li-ion battery


Iridium 9575, PTT: High capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery


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