About AST

Our vision, history and values from over 30 years in the satellite communications services sector.

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Our Vision

To empower our customers with pioneering, dependable remote communication solutions that deliver operational excellence in situations that demand faultless performance.

  • Who we are

    AST is an independent, internationally focused practical company that has grown by solving customer’s communication needs.

  • What we do

    AST provides a global network of internet connectivity for professional users in remote locations on land and sea. This includes package solutions to complex requirements connecting people, devices and sensors.

  • Why we do it

    To enable our customer’s remote operations to be more operationally efficient - by connecting people, assets and business operations no matter where they are.

From local to global

Over the past 30 years AST have grown to become a talented team of over 160 people in 10 global offices with warehousing facilities and sofware expertise, and an extensive distribution and service network. Today we are trusted by numerous maritime and land partners around the world in providing connectivity solutions in the most remote locations and complex scenarios.

Our Values

  • Do what's right

    We listen to you and understand your unique needs so that we can provide objective advice and genuine choice.

  • Empower others

    We believe in lasting partnerships and sustainable success for our customers, employees and suppliers.

  • Always deliver

    We are a dependable organisation who cares and understands that you rely on our dedication to excellence, 24/7.

  • Think beyond

    We challenge the status quo, anticipate and innovate to be at the forefront of intelligent remote communications.

When our customers succeed, we succeed

We are committed to understanding the needs of your business and providing cost effective and reliable connectivity solutions that will exceed your objectives.

We will make sure that you always have access to the latest technology combined with our first class support to achieve more than you thought possible - we've helped many companies do just that.

    “After witnessing the easy and quick installation of the Iridium Certus VesseLink terminal and monitoring the traffic of the crew thanks to INTEGRA [See], an exclusive service provided by AST, we have total confidence that the service will function even in the most remote places of the polar latitudes".

    Jose Jordan

    Product Engineer at Tesacom

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    Partnerships matter
    As a global innovator and trusted Tier 1 Partner to all major satellite communications suppliers, and hardware manufacturers, we focus on delivering dependable and integrated connectivity services to our customers.

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